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Mission Statement

Our ethos

Making a Difference

Having supported development and growth amongst hundreds of SME’s, we understand on a practical level what it takes to make that difference – to identify that potential and to guide that change, so that our clients can feel the very real impact of that progress.  

Our Promise

We will provide practical, effective and actionable support – based on lived-experience – that assist and empower your business to reach its business goals. And we will pass those skills on to you and your team so that you can continue to deliver results for years to come.  

Who we are...

Based in the picturesque village of Leighlinbridge (confusingly pronounced Lock-lin-bridge by locals), Nine Arch Consulting is a small, support-focused enterprise – passionate about making a difference for the clients we work with.  

The name derives from the pretty valerian bridge at the heart of the village. Reputed to be the oldest working bridge in Europe, the structure originally featured nine arches. As a result of modifications to facilitate modern traffic needs, there are now only seven arches visible - yet all nine arches are intact and provide the support that has enabled this structure to deliver generations of people safely across the river.  

The motto of this story is - support does not always need to be seen, but for lasting success, functional and practical support is essential. This is something we aim to emulate in all that we do in Nine Arch Consulting.  

Nicola Doran

Founder / owner

Nicola Doran, founder/owner

Supporting and promoting businesses has been at the core of Nicola Doran’s career for over 25 years – as a PR and Marketing consultant, as a manager with a national support agency and as an entrepreneur.

Each role has required the ability to get under the skin of the businesses she is working with – to understand how they work, where they need to go and how they can get there.

Having worked across a variety of sectors – including the creative industries, hospitality, financial services, tech and further education – she is passionate about facilitating and delivering success.

Working in a variety of roles within marketing communications, business planning and development, Nicola has assisted over 300 hundred small and medium sized businesses to identify their core needs and to develop their path to success – be that through planning, training, mentoring or implementation.

The experience that she has built up through this hands-on approach has enabled her to develop a suite of current, relevant and impactful supports for clients – based on first-hand experience and strong market understanding and insight.

Moreover, she has a passionate belief that with the right skills and support every business can grow – the key is to understand the skills or resource gap and to identify how best to bridge it.

Nicola has an honours degree in English and Economics, a postgraduate diploma in PR and Communications, is a Certified Digital Marketing Professional and is a qualified trainer (QQI level 6). She has completed a broad range of continuous professional development courses in the areas of management, strategic planning, export development, channel management, project management, presentation skills, interview techniques and lead generation.

Nine Arch Consulting also work with a selection of associates and experts in the areas of design and innovation, culture and heritage, styling and merchandising, retail management, event production and management, on-line selling and graphic design.  

"Nine Arch Consulting took the time to understand my business and my sector. Nicola worked closely with me to identify how I could differentiate the business - give it a brand personality. I am proud to say that I now have members logging into training sessions from Ireland, the UK, France, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and the US."

Amanda Henry, Burn Box Fitness

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