Helping your business develop, upskill and grow

Support does not always need to be seen – but it does need to be practical and fit for purpose

Nine Arch Consulting delivers results through:





We believe in empowering clients and passing on skills. Every business we work with can improve their market insight, ability and capacity – to grow not only their sales but their business potential.

With over 25 years hands-on experience, we specialise in assisting clients in;

  • researching, identifying & developing routes to market
  • brand positioning & marketing
  • brand presentation & communications
  • strategy development & planning for growth 

"The Goethe Institute in Brussels were working with me to source an experienced business development professional, capable of adding an EU dimension to an overseas cultural project. In partnership with associates in Brussels and Mongolia, Nicola designed a bespoke programme for Mongolian entrepreneurs. This will be formally delivered in Ulaanbattar in November 2023, where she will be presenting alongside Ministers from the Mongolian Government. Nine Arch Consulting has demonstrated that it is able to provide a high quality business support and training design service, with the capability to work flexibly at out-of-work hours times to assist others in different time-zones."

John Tynan, The RCA Academy Ireland

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